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republicans say they won't sign on to any deal that raises taxes. >> this is the same shot you had yesterday except we are wearing ties today. >> reporter: while the president and democrat and republican lawmakers wardrobes may have changed results haven't still no deal on raising the nations $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. >> now is the time to deal with these issues. if not now, when. >> reporter: speaking at the white house today the president pushed lawmakers to go for a big deal, $4 trillion in budget cuts over the next 10 years, but bristled over republicans refusele for tax hikes on the wealthy. >> we should have revenuethe best place to get those are from folks like me, who have been extraordinarily fortunate and millionaires and billionaires can afford to pay a little more. >> reporter: while gop leaders sought and received close to $2
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trillion in budget cuts, so far they are holding the line allowing the government to raise more revenue through tax increases. >> the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> reporter: john boehner would need to get any deal passed by his republican majority and argues any new taxes on the rich would only hurt the economy in need of jobs. >> president continues to insist on raising taxes, and they are just not serious enough about fundamental entitlement reform to solve the problem for the near to intermediate future. >> one thing we do know there appears to be no short term solution to the problem unlike previous instances where the president signed 30 or 90 day spending bills to keep the government in business, the president said today he will not sign an temporary measure as a result keeping the pressure on both sides to strike a deal.
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we hear about deadlines all the time in washington, turns out not to be the case often times how real is this august 2nd deadline. >> real but turns out it might even be shorter than august 2nd, the reason being the prejuriy its debt ceiling back in may but will hit the point august 2nd we won't be able to pay our bills to avoid that, some on capitol hill are saying an agreement needs to be in place july 22nd, end of next week the time might be shorter than what the president is talking about. following breaking news right now out of montgomery county interstate 270 shut down both directions because of a natural gas leak route 121 we just received word the interstate could remain blocked for up to at least the next 4 to 6 hours. construction crews reportedly struck a 6-inch gas main 4:00 p.m. today, right now fire crews are working to cap the leak, they
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are also checking out surrounding neighbourhoods to make sure they are safe commuters are being detoured. extreme heat effecting other parts of the country and crept into the nations capitol, dupont circle where the term tore which you are reads, 602 -- temperature reads, at 6:02 p.m. tonight, 104 degrees i thought 90s. >> i think -- i question that temperature but you know what, some times those bank thermometers can pick up a little sunshine too instead of just air temperatures but i tell you what, it certainly feels like it out there the heat index will be close to that if not a little above it now we add in thunderstorms develop off to the west these could have heavy rain with them too. first stop radar tonight so you can see, just a couple storms starting to pop up but that one northwest of you in winchester has a lot of lightning with it and may develop hail and south of front royal as we go to our
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larger picture, now we have a severe thunderstorm watch west of blue ridge until 11:00 p.m. but may get into the shenandoah valley between 7 and 8:00 p.m., still warm, 93 degrees downtown dc brian i am not sure how that bank thermometer temperature could be 11 degrees warmer but it is a hot forecast and heat advisory tomorrow details in a few minutes. >> now the news edge on maryland, 23-year-old woman charged with a vicious murder of a store owner, richard nam was found dead inside his business following a fire last april. ashley owens stabbed him during a dispute before setting the fire to cover up the crime. paul wagner joins us with the story paul. >> reporter: police got a jump on the investigation when detectives took a look at footage from the surveillance camera mounted inside the store ashley owens can be seen alone
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inside the seven market just before the murder but it took awhile before investigators could piece it all together when she was taken into custody june 30th police say she confessed. the way police describe it richard nam die add horrible death during a dispute with 23- year-old ashley owens she cut nam with a boxcutter beat him with a chain saw and used gasoline to set the place on fire. what were they fighting over? that is unclear. police charged owens on june 30th, but didn't announce the arrest until today. deputy chief kevin davis described the owner of the story card nam as a pillar of the community. >> this particular family, the nam family has been a pillar in the community for many many years. the circumstances surrounding the very brutal murder, are shocking to the police, they are shocking to the community, mr. nam went out of his way by all accounts, to assist the the
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community in any way he could. >> nams family declined to comment on the arrest, the store has been boarded up since the april murder s fire, nine years ago his sister-in-law was killed inside the same store during a robbery a search of online court records shows ashley owen has only been arrested once before in maryland on disorderly conduct and trespassing charges which were dropped. montgomery county police offering a hefty reward for information in an arrest in a nearly year old murder case, jones shot and killed 27-year- old kelly in silver spring last august three suspects have been arrested in charged with murder jones is on the loose last spotted in silver springs, kelly's family is urging the public to come forward with information. i hope and pray that you find it in your heart to take advantage of this opportunity of the reward money i don't want that to be the only reason
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why i think that making the community safer, and not having someone dangerous there, it is no longer about up lifting me and my family it is about up lifting the community. >> anyone with information contact crime stoppers. >> police identified a man killed in a pedestrian accident in german town overnight he was crossing the southbound lanes route 118 near aircraft drive before 1:00 a.m. when struck by a silver lexus the driver stayed on scene. new developments in the case of felicia barnes, why the fbi want access to her facebook account. right in our backyard jury selection in roger clemens purgery trial next. >> she started on this soccer field, prince william county now the world is watching, beth parker, that story coming up 
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new details in the investigation into the murder of felicia barnes the north carolina teen who went missing in maryland she disappeared last december visiting her cyst inner baltimore herbed -- sister in baltimore, her body found in the river, they are looking at whether she was a victim of sexual exploitation or child porn before she is killed. investigators are seeking access to her facebook account. 57-year-old brian david mitchell sentenced to two consecutive life tenses for kid -- sentences for kidnapping elizabeth smart when she was 14. long time girlfriend of excrime boss james whitey bulger appeared in court for a
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bail hearing she is charged with harbouring a fugitive and faces up to five years in prison if convicted, they have asked he be released on home confinement. bulger pleaded not guilty to a string of crime that is kept him on the run for 16 years. it was an epic win, coming up the hometown hero, who came up big to help the u.s. advance in the women's world cup. pretty gut ski move, marine invite as movie star to a military ball her response coming up. plus hot, humid you thought today was bad, wait your extended forecast may get better. >> how about a brain freeze.
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711 celebrated its -- 7 eleven separated giving away -- celebrated giving away slurpees. 
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the jury selection continues in roger clemens trial. 36 people need to qualify for the jury before government defense lawyers use their pre- emptory challenges to narrow the panel to 12 and four alternates today they have chosen more than 20. a soccer player molded on the fields of prince william county now in the spotlight worldwide u.s. women's world
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cup team running out of time when they pulled off a stunning come back a player from virginia was a mayor part of that win, as fox 5s. beth barker says she is a hometown hero tonight. >> reporter: 14 month old owen is moving fast. he can already say the word ball, what his family is saying or yelling now is go alley >> win it for the usa here. >> reporter: alley bought this jersey for little owen, she is a prince county native who helped her team come from behind in the women's world cup some day. kristin was yelling so loudly she frightened baby owen >> i think we scared the lay lights out of him a couple times my mom and i jumping and screaming it was very exciting and fun time. >> reporter: she played soccer with alley as kids that is alley on the bottom left her
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dad is the coach. >> almost surreal to say i played with her. that is exciting. >> reporter: when she played here at forest park she was gatorade's virginia player of the year and took her team to the state quarter finals her coach knew the first time he saw her play that she was something special. >> once in a lifetime type of talent you go thank you glad to have you. >> he coached alley from 2001 to 2003, forest park high school. >> almost faster with the ball on her feet than running straight up, it was that kind of a talent. >> she played at penn state over came a broken leg and blood clot. >> having the ability to make the national team almost, a movie i mean it should be made into a movie she worked her butt off and deserves what she gets. >> they play wednesday owen,. >> kick it. kick it. >> and the rest of prince william county will be cheering. beth parker fox 5 news.
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well, not as hot as it gets july 11th, then you know,. >> you know. >> a very hot time of year for us 88 degrees average, today we were up to 94 degrees warmer than that tomorrow if we can get it in two or three day packets, just remind yourself you will be out of prison later this week, able to escape the air conditioning but walking to dupont circle, our thermometer still reading temperatures at 103 degrees out there, that is probably what it feels like as you walk around our air temperature 93 degrees, regan, most places have not cracked the triple digits but you know what, all how it feels to you and that is how it feels out there first stop, tonight radar, we are beginning to see a little bit of activity, not for everybody a few warnings popping up well west of the mountains, out a little closer storms that we have been watching barely budging dropping heavy rain this is a big one around winchester,
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charles town and front royal so you can see fairly isolated fairly strong slow moving, produce an awful lot of rain, in a short amount of time so, heads up for that if you get stuck under one of these you may want to pull over and wait for the worst to get by you, haggers town, a few thunderstorms these are moving slowly east and southeast and you will be able to see on our wider picture as we get you in a little bit bigger picture, put this all in motion on our other weather system and you will see that these are just beginning to pop up ahead of a very big line of showers and storms, here we go. this is what is called an mcsa convexive complex that stays together for a long time it was in chicago this morning created problems for their morning rush hour held together across ohio western pennsylvania the worst is usually the southern side that will happen but into the shenandoah valley we could see those thunderstorms. expecting it to stay steamy,
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surprised isolated storm possible, fall out of the 90s. upper 80s tonight will be warm we now have a severe thunderstorm watch especially for high lands until 11:00 p.m., some storms will be strong garrett county doesn't seem to want to get filled in there but also part of that, we will keep you posted if that gets extended more east. >> we think though the stronger storms will be west. 93 degrees here in the district what you factor in is that heat index and 105 that is what it feels like, 116 for fredericks burg not good. heat advisory in effect tomorrow didn't have one today but will tomorrow we will see this kicking in at noon and feeling like 106 to 110 degrees for some of you just like it was today. and we will probably break some records the record tomorrow 99 we could easily tie that in dc wouldn't be shocked if we broke it probably break these at dulles and dwi one for the record books likely tomorrow where is the relief? we don't see much in the east
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coast up to the north we see temperatures more reasonable upper 80s. still some real brutal heat for little rock and wichita, 100 and 105 degrees, st. louis 99 our heat relief will come from the north, and it will get in here probably by wednesday, thursday and friday certainly humidity will be starting to break down at that point. max hd future cast wants you to see scattered storms around and showers by 8 p.m. we keep that moving on threw watch out 4 shore could get those can't -- eastern shores we could get those can't rule them out. >> could be a shower well west of town sinking down to the south wednesday, that is when the real relief tries to get in here 90, humidity will run out of town and thursday, friday and saturday i think look easier, on our eyes if you can't take this high heat and
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humidity. >> i just want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to marine corps ball, november 18th, greenville north carolina with yours truly. so take a second, thing about it get back to me. >> that was marine sergeant scott moore asking actress mila kunis to the marine corps ball in november. she is not going to be accepting my invitation he recorded -- >> you are married. >> while in afghanistan and posted it on youtube get this, she said yes. a little prodding from friends with benefits co-star justin timber lake she agreed to accompany him to the ball. 500 at the all-star break, one reason, their only all-star tyler clipper, next in sports. >> first heinz ward's dui arrest fueling the bitter rivalry between the steelerravens, ray rice sent out a tweet saying looks like
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heinz ward will miss week one when the lock out ends, that lead to some back and forth. clark as suring rice he would find him on week one when the teams face off 
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>> good evening we are 118 days into the nfl lock out many thing an agreement in principle can get done in the next 7 to 10 days ownerplayers will talk again tomorrow the plan is to have an agreement in place to be approved during the july 21st league meetings in atlanta. training camps are scheduled to open in two weeks,. switching gears a little bit pitcher tyler clifford the
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nationals loan all-star prior to yesterday's game he was presented with his jersey by the general manager the first time all-star has impressive first half numbers, 50 plus innings, striking out 62 batters, 1.79 era he is looking foreward to the hoopla in phoenix. >> number one i can see my family, which i haven't seen them in awhile and obviously, they can be at the all-star game and festivityto be a part of that is very special i am going to try to represent the masses as best i can. the capitols bruce on the ice again 50 players in attendance forward cody has the best chance of making the roster also there, olaf who holds almost every franchise record now back as the team's associate goalie coach he is returning to the pro game after retiring two years ago working with kids in the juniors.
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>> my body is is not strong enough to play any more the second best thing is to work with the young kids and teach what you know and like i said i have a lot of gratification doing that with the kids last year and so when the opportunity came up i thought it would be great for me to come back and try at the pro level. >> yesterday's us women's epicvictory over brazil proved you should never give up until the game is over and there is a right and wrong way to win. with brazil ahead, erica falls down injured with no one around her she is writing in pain as precious time tickets away for the u.s. she would be carried off the field but watch closely as she loosens the strap and in a couple seconds takes off running miraculously she is okay, but her poor games man ship fails as the u.s. rallies to win thanks to extra time for
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the quote unquote injury. finally, phillys roy hallida and weaver will be starting pitchers tomorrow night's all-star game. brian. >> one word, soccer. come on. >> last look at that forecast. >> come on made it two words. >>er right. >> two words tomorrow heat advisory, 97 degrees watching thunderstorms to our west some of you could get some real heavy rain out of it could have a few more tomorrow relief is coming. >> now you have the news edge, news is always on join us back here tonight at 10. see you then    [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure.
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